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"Killer" support from McAfee -- Check this out.

In May of 2002, McAfee, the computer antivirus company acquired the excellent program SpamKiller from Novasoft, the original developers. It's a great program for filtering your email for spam and I had been using it successfully for several years and often emailed Thor Ivar Ekle, the owner and author with suggestions and comments.

At about the same time as the acquisition of SpamKiller by McAfee I wanted to move my registered copy over to the new Dell PC I had just purchased. So I wrote to McAfee tech support asking them how to do this now that it was owned by them and I had paid for it when it was owned by Novasoft. Below are the emails that went back and forth, with only some header information shortened for brevity. It pays to be persistent...

Reinstalling Spamkiller
 Discussion Thread
 Response (Paul) 05/23/2002 10:43 AM  
To reinstall SpamKiller, do the following:

Install SpamKiller
1. Go to the SpamKiller Reinstall page to download SpamKiller.
2. Save the file to your desktop.
3. Once the download has finished, open the file (spamkiller2908.exe).
4. The wizard will guide you through the installation.
5. Once you select "Yes, I have purchased SpamKiller" click Next and enter the required information. Hit 'OK' when finished.
6. Once the installation has completed, restart the machine.

Thank you,


 Customer 05/23/2002 03:09 PM  
The problem is that I had previously purchased SpamKiller by using the Buy NOW button at Novasoft, and there was no license number issued. I have a paid copy installed on my old PC that I'm trying to install on my new PC. Where or how can I find or obtain the license information to complete the install in step 5 below? I followed your steps but it asks for the license number.

>5. Once you select "Yes, I have purchased SpamKiller" click Next and enter the required information. Hit 'OK' when finished

Awaiting your reply,

Marty Roth
 Response (Paul) 05/24/2002 03:07 PM  
We can look up you serial number. In order for us to do so please provide us with your best guess as to your original purchase date.
 Customer 05/24/2002 03:35 PM  
Best estimate is 3/30/2001 which is the date on the attached file SPAMKILLR.RRG. The .RRG file is used to provide update capability because many registered users such as myself did NOT receive a license number. See the correspondence that follows from spamkiller [support at Novasoft]. There is no license number in the file that I could see.

Paul, what I need from you is a new license number to reinstall the software I have already paid for. Can you please just send me a new license number?

PS The command line "fix" below [originally from Novasoft] does not work with WinXP

----- Original Message -----
From: "SpamKiller Support"

To: "Marty Roth"

Sent: Monday, April 02, 2001 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: License #....


Since you purchased through the built-in Buy button, there is no serial number as such. Instead, all the license information is stored in the file "spamkill2.rrg".

Here's how to restore your SpamKiller license:
- Install SpamKiller if you haven't already done so. Select "No" when asked
if you have purchased.
- Exit SpamKiller if it is running.
- Copy the file spamkill2.rrg into the SpamKiller folder.
- Open a MS-DOS prompt (Start, Programs, MS-DOS Prompt).
- Go to the SpamKiller folder (type 'cd "\program files\spamkiller"' and hit Enter).
- Type 'spamkiller /reregister' and hit Enter.
- When the dialog box pops up, select Browse, select the .rrg file and click Open.

Hope this helps - if not, please don't hesitate to contact me again.

Thor Ivar Ekle
 Response (Paul) 05/31/2002 10:46 AM  
Yes, as a matter of fact I have just received the information.
Your serial number is : [Number deleted]
Let me know how it turns out.
 Customer 05/31/2002 12:33 PM  
I have the 30 day evaluation 2.9 running and when I use the above serial # it says:
"Not a valid serial number"
 Response (Paul) 05/31/2002 12:42 PM  
I will check with my Spamkiller guy right now. I will get to the bottom of this today.
 Response (Paul) 05/31/2002 01:54 PM  
My apologies for all the confusion and lack of results. It would appear that our system is generating invalid serial numbers. We are correcting the problem now and hope to have it resolved shortly. Again, once I have the correct information it will promptly be forwarded to you.
 Customer 06/05/2002 06:01 AM  
Paul, any news on this? It's going on two weeks since my initial request and I'm no closer to having it resolved. What's the problem? Can't you just give me a valid serial number and resolve this?
Response (Paul) 06/05/2002 08:07 AM  
I again must apologize for the inconvenience. I know that your patience is wearing thin, but I am still without a valid serial number. I am told it will be resolved by the end of the week. I will again check with the individual that manages the database and see if the issue has been resolved.
I thank you for your continued patience.
 Response (Paul) 06/05/2002 09:21 AM  
Let me know if this serial number below works: [Number deleted]
 Customer 06/05/2002 10:48 AM  
Paul, that one WORKED! Thank you for the follow-up, appreciate your efforts, just not sure what the problem at your end was :(
 Response (Paul) 06/06/2002 11:15 AM  
Glad to hear it all worked out in the end!