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Microsoft Says, "You're never too rich, too thin or...(keep reading)"

I just bought a new Dell Desktop PC and since I'm "in the business" I decided to get a fast chip and 1gb of memory. I also upgraded to Microsoft Picture It! Photo 2002. However, after I installed it, it wouldn't run correctly. Every time I tried to load a picture for editing it froze and gave the following error:

Visual C++ Runtime error abnormal program termination

Since I had registered the software I called Microsoft tech support and explained the problem. This after searching the Microsoft Knowledge base for anything related to the error and not finding anything. The tech took the information and my email address and said he would get back to me. Below is the reply.

That's right, folks TOO MUCH MEMORY! I always thought that you could never be too rich, too thin or have too much memory on your PC...especially for WindowsXP and the Microsoft 2002 programs such as Picture It! I had to download and install the patch to fix the problem. Unbelievable.