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This is tech support?

Have you ever had a PC problem and called or emailed the manufacturer for support?

Have you been less than satisfied with the responses you received?

Below are examples of actual "support" replies that I have received. Click on the links to go to the page for some eye opening explanations.

"Killer" support from McAfee - This involves moving a registered copy of SpamKiller software to a new PC. I couldn't make this one up if I tried!

Roxio Burns More than a CD - Remember when you got a new PC you had all those "trial" or "lite" versions of software? The features you really want though mean you have to "upgrade" to get them. This is a true story of what really happens when you upgrade.

Microsoft Says It All - You would think that the largest software company in the world would develop software that runs on their own operating system. Remember the adage that you're never too rich or too thin? Check out the newest addition to this list.

Gateway has better Microsoft - How come Gateway has a "better" version of Windows than you and I can buy? Read on...